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Concordia Evangelical Lutheran Church, Minneapolis

Begun in 1904 by Norwegian settlers as a mission of the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, the congregation was formally organized in 1910 and adopted the name Concordia.  The mission had begun as a Ladies Aid Society to work in harmony with Immanuel Lutheran Church and a Sunday School.  After being established as an independent congregation, property was purchased on 22nd Avenue and Fillmore Street NE and a basement was completed.  This is where services were held until the superstructure was completed in 1925.

Dania Hall, Minneapolis

Dania Hall (below), built in 1886, was established as a center for Danish-American activities by the Society Dania. Dania Hall soon opened its doors to other Scandinavians and became the center for Scandinavian cultural activities in Minneapolis. It was a popular place for dances, weddings, community events, and get-togethers. It was home to many talent plays, concerts, balls, and lectures. Dania Hall is considered the birthplace of Scandinavian vaudeville.

Dayton Bluff (German) Methodist Episcopal Church, St. Paul

This congregation was established in 1884 when members of three Methodist Episcopal churches in the area (Woodbury, 1st German ME, and 2nd ME) came together to found a church in the new Dayton's Bluff neighborhood. The group erected a brick church at the corner of Maple and 4th Street. Services were held in German until 1924, when the church became a member of the Minnesota Methodist Conference and dropped the word "German" from its name. The congregation and building were extant in 1936.