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Church of the Ascension, Minneapolis

The Roman Catholic Church of the Ascension was established on the North Side in 1890 to serve the needs primarily of German and a lesser number of Irish immigrants who were living further north near Broadway. After outgrowing its initial small wooden church, the congregation erected a larger, more imposing brick church complex similar to St. Joseph's at 17th and Bryant Avenue North. Dedicated in 1903 by Archbishop John Ireland, Ascension, similar to St. Joseph, served as a cultural and community center for its neighborhood.

Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, St. Paul

Although the Roman Catholic Church of the Most Holy Redeemer was not organized as a parish until May 27, 1901, priests from the Cathedral of St. Paul had been attending to the religious needs of the Italian community in the city on a missionary basis since 1874.  The congregation was officially incorporated in on February 6, 1906. A poor parish, it initially met in a small church on Market Street across form Rice Park.

Church of the Redeemer: First Universalist Society of Minneapolis

Established on October 24, 1859, this congregation met in the Old Cataract House on Washington Avenue and 6th Avenue South. Later meetings in the 1860s were held in Morrison Hall and Harrison Hall. In October 1866 the congregation moved into a frame building it erected (address unknown). This building seated 400 and included a fresco, reputedly the first in the city, along with an organ built in Minneapolis. The building was later sold to the German Methodists. In 1875, the congregation relocated to a new building then under construction at the corner of 8th Street and 2nd Avenue.