About Houses of Worship in the Twin Cities, 1849-1924

This research project brings together data on congregations and houses of worship created by early settlers in nine neighborhoods that developed in the Twin Cities near the Mississippi River between 1849 and 1924. It explores a number of topics: community creation, ethnicity and identity, relationships among congregations, intra-congregational interactions, the role of houses of worship, and social class structures. Its goal is to document for future generations the legacy of the historic neighborhoods that were one home to their forebearers.

The project is a collaboration between independent scholar Marilyn J. Chiat, Ph.D. and University of Minnesota Director of Religious Studies, Jeanne Halgren Kilde, Ph.D.  

Inquiries may directed to Jeanne Halgren Kilde at [email protected] or Marilyn J. Chiat at [email protected]