Interactive Map

View a point's information

Click on a point to view the information. If there is more than one point in the same location, click 

next button
 to view the different information for each point.

sample point

The Houses of Worship map can be found here. For instructions on how to use the map, please see below.

Turn layers on and off

To turn a layer on and off, click on the Layers menu. A list of available layers will appear, then click on the box to turn the layer on or off.


Enable time

To enable time, click on the Time button. This will open a small box. You can play,

play button
 , or pause, 
paused button
, the time line.

display time slider

You can also adjust the time line by click on the tabs, 

adjust slider
, and moving them.

time range

Use the  

minus button
  buttons to zoom in and out on the map.