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Central Free Church, Minneapolis

A daughter of the First Evangelical Free Church at 12th Avenue and 7th Street, the Central Free Church was organized in 1894 but not incorporated until September 1929. The congregation initially met in a church building located at 9th Street and 12th Avenue South, but moved in 1895 to a church they purchased at 10th Avenue South and 7th Street. Composed of Swedish members, the congregation used both the Swedish and English languages until 1929 when English was used exclusively. The congregation's affiliation was originally with the Free Church of America (later the Evangelical Free Church of America). In 1897, they joined the American Congregational Church, and in 1926 they returned to the Free Church. In 2003, Central Evangelical Free Church and Evangelical Free Church of America denomination gifted the building, "The Hope Community Church", which it occupies at the time of this writing in 2015.