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First Church of Christ, Scientist, Minneapolis

Founded by Christian Science practitioner Miss Mary Brookings, this congregation began meeting in 1885 and was formally organized the following year. It was incorporated on December 24, 1892. The group held services in several locations during its early years, including private homes. In 1889 it moved to rooms in a dispensary at 43 South 8th Street and in 1890 to 47 South 8th Street. Later in that year, they leased space at 824 Nicollet Avenue. At the time the congregation incorporated, it was meeting in the Langham Hotel. It later met in the Masonic Temple and in the Kindergarten Building. The congregation erected a neo-classical church designed by architect S. J. Bowler on 15th Street between Park and Portland Avenues, dedicating it on February 6, 1898. In the summer of 1915, the congregation erected a new church  at 24th Street and Nicollet Avenue. This building, designed by Chicago-based architect Solon Spencer Beman, who oversaw the construction for Mary Baker Eddy's Mother Church of Christian Science Extension in Boston, featured Bedford stone in another neo-classical design. The auditorium seated 1000 and the building included a reading room. Upon moving into this church, the congregation sold the previous one to the Spiritualists. 


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