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Apostolic Faith Mission, Minneapolis

In April 1906, African American preacher William J. Seymour's revival meeting on Azusa Street in Los Angeles, California, resulted in ecsatic worship and speaking in tongues, setting off a pentecostal tidal wave that swept the country.  In Minneapolis, the pentecostal Apostolic Faith Mission was organized during summer 1907, initially meeting in the homes of members. In 1908 the group rented halls at Bloomington and Franklin Avenue and later at Lake Street and Chicago Avenue.  In 1910, the mission moved to 2415 Riverside Avenue and erected a church building on the site, dedicating it on January 1, 1911.  The congregation was located at this address in 1936 when the WPA Report was completed.  Focused on mission and revival work, the Apostolic Faith Mission was noted for its tent meetings and the gospel truck that it sponsored.  The congregation was led initially by the Reverend Jackson White from 1909-1920, who was succeeded in 1926 by Miss M. Hanson and Mrs. Martha White.  



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