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Evangelical Immanuel Lutheran Congregation of St. Anthony, Minneapolis

Different spelling of the name and a different ethnic group.  This congregation was established in 1875 by Norwegian immigrants and incorporated in 1883; it was affiliated with the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America.  The congregation initially met in Trinity Lutheran Church, 4th St. and 9th Avenue S.  However because of the distance from congregants’ homes a decision was made to purchase a Congregational Church on 4th St. NE and remodel its interior by adding an altar, pulpit and baptismal font.  In 1887 they purchased lots at 1424 Monroe St. NE and moved the church there, adding a basement, steeple, and chancel.  In 1911, the old church building was moved to the back of the lot and a new church was erected; the two buildings were connected at the back.  The church was dedicated that year.  The congregation was worshipping in this building in 1936. Later information not obtained for this project. 

Straight Tower Parish met in the building before moving to the former Emanuel Lutheran church at Monroe and 13th. The building is empty in 2013.